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New Advancements in Facelifts Part 2

Tweet Email In my previous advancements in facelift blog, I discussed the resurgent popularity of the facelift and what it and can’t achieve. Today, I’ll discuss advances seen in the facelift, as well as its cost and recovery. What Advances Have Been Made? There are several. The critical advance relates to the depth of treatment or dissection. Rather than simply pulling back and cutting away the extra loose skin, surgeons now lift and reposition underlying muscles. In the early days of facelifts, surgeons only pulled the skin. Due to the […]

New Advancements in Facelift- Part 1

Tweet Email We’re all aware of the huge popularity of neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and lasers in today’s cosmetic industry. Botox and Dysport are safe, easy treatments to relax wrinkles. Fillers (particularly the hyaluronic acid fillers Juvederm and Restylane) can restore lost contours from volume loss. And lasers and chemical peels are effective in office procedures to resurface the skin and improve skin discolorations. Finally, exciting skin tightening treatments like Thermage and Ultherapy can improve one’s jawline without surgery! But against this backdrop of flashy nonsurgical breakthroughs, a veteran rejuvenation treatment […]

“Brotox” Coming to Texas

Tweet Email People assume women are the only ones who seek cosmetic treatments. That can no longer be said as we are seeing more men seeking cosmetic treatments. According to a survey published in late 2016 by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the proliferation of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures has increased demand for nonsurgical procedures for men by 44 percent since 2011. The most popular treatment sought by men is Botox, followed by Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. It’s estimated that more than 4 million injections were performed […]

Cosmetic Procedures You Should Avoid

Tweet Email Plastic surgery continues to increase in popularity, thanks to the influence of celebrities being more open about cosmetic procedures and more people desiring ways to look younger and more beautiful. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), plastic surgeons performed a total of almost 2 million surgical procedures in 2015, up 7 percent from the year before. Furthermore, this plastic surgery craze shows no sign of slowing down– the number of cosmetic procedures women undergo has increased by over 500 percent since 1997, when the […]

The Return of Chemical Peels

Tweet Email We’ve heard that phrase “history tends to repeat itself,” It’s always fascinating to learn that many of the “latest innovations” are actually techniques discovered and used in the past, lending further support to that other common saying “there is nothing new under the sun.” And so it goes with trends that what goes around usually comes around. With the resurgent popularity of dark lips, visible roots and even modified french tips all over our Instagram feeds, beauty cult classics from the ’90s are making a comeback in a […]

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