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How Much Does a Browlift Cost?

Tweet Email In a prior blog, I discussed some important things to know regarding the browlift procedure. Many people, especially as we get older, will see their brows start to droop. A common reaction from your friends and family, “why do you look angry or tired?” This can be very annoying since you are not tired or angry. There are various treatment options to improve your brow position. Minimally invasive options include Botox, Dysport, or dermal fillers. But the definitive treatment is surgical browlift. All these entail costs, which are […]

Best Age for Plastic Surgery

Tweet Email In past decades, it has been assumed only old people get plastic surgery. The main reason is to look younger, and probably most were well to do patients with the income needed to pay for these procedures. But we’ve seen the popularity and acceptance of all things cosmetic rise dramatically in the past few years. A big contributor is the influence of celebrities and a more openness to reveal their treatments. Another major reason is the impact of social media, particularly from younger celebrities. And by celebrities, I […]

What’s Better- Genioplasty or Chin Implant?

Tweet Email A commonly overlooked feature of the face is a weak chin. Most often, a patient will notice a large nose that bothers him or her. If you have a large nose, make sure you pay attention to your chin. Is it small, or set back? If so, then you have what we call microgenia, or you may have retrognathia. In order to have the best outcome with a rhinoplasty, enhancing your chin would be recommended. This will help your face look more balanced and attractive. Options to Enhance […]

Three Things to Know About Browlifts.

Tweet Email Have you ever been asked why you are angry or tired, even when you’re not? A common reason may be your brows have descended with time—making you look angry and tired. This can be very annoying, especially if people continuously bring this up. But it highlights how important our facial features are, because people make snap subconscious impressions based on how you look. The good news is there are effective options to treat this. First, it’s important to carefully examine your face to find out why you look […]

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Tweet Email One of the great things about San Antonio is the various different ethnic backgrounds of our citizens. Many Asians, Hispanics and African Americans also are interested in rhinoplasties. However, a lot of information or public perception of rhinoplasties is still focused on the Caucasian nose. In the past, non white patients electing a rhinoplasty would get a surgery that changed their features to a Caucasian nose. Though the nose may look like a pointed upturned nose, there was the possibility that it didn’t match the patient’s face. As […]

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