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“I am extremely happy with the results of my face and neck lifts with Dr. Kenneth Yu as my surgeon! My middle-aged face has been so very refreshed and the benefits of this surgery have included a wonderful revitalized kick up in my overall energy. I consider myself blessed to have made the decision toRead More

The Importance of Function in Rhinoplasty

While the desired changes to your nasal appearance are what you are most interested in, it’s also very important to remember that maintaining (or in same cases improving) proper nasal function is equally important. It’s hard to enjoy a beautiful nose if you can’t breathe. In fact, the inability to breathe can be quite distressingRead More

How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost

Considering getting a rhinoplasty is a major decision, and it’s normal to have trepidation about your decision. Obviously, you will have questions about the procedure itself. How painful is the recovery? How long will it take before I see the result I want? How long is the surgery? Is it done on an outpatient setting?Read More