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Asian Cosmetic Procedures

Nose Reshaping san antonio

Asian Cosmetic surgery for Asian and ethnic patients is unique and requires an expert who truly understands this emerging field. Most plastic surgery techniques began in western countries and were developed specifically for Caucasian people, by Caucasian doctors. Recognizing this, Dr. Kenneth Yu has dedicated his career to advancing plastic surgery techniques developed specifically for Asian, or ethnic, anatomy.

Dr. Kenneth Yu is double Board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Kenneth Yu is one of the few select cosmetic surgeons in San Antonio, Texas specializing in Asian Cosmetic Surgery Procedures. Dr. Yu’s expertise includes Asian Eyelid Reshaping, Asian Nose Reshaping, Chin and Jawline Surgery, and Cheek Augmentation.

Dr. Yu does not want to hide your heritage by westernizing your face through plastic surgery. He helps his Asian cosmetic surgery patients attain the perfect balance and natural beauty they have always wanted.

Patients traveling to Texas often seek plastic surgery consultations with Dr. Kenneth Yu. Please visit our Out of Town Patients section for more information on Live Virtual Consultations. Our Concierge Patient Coordinators are seasoned to handle a visiting patient’s every need, including hotel accommodations and nurturing care throughout your recovery.

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