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Neck Lift For Men

Men often start to notice signs of aging around the neck area even before time starts to take its toll on the face. That chiseled jawline begins to lose definition and submental fat forms underneath, giving the impression of a double chin. Loose skin at the front area of the neck creates what is known as a turkey wattle and horizontal banding often occurs at an earlier age due to the amount of time spent looking down at devices today. The good news is all these issues can be addressed in a single surgical procedure known as a neck lift.

Dr. Kenneth Yu performs neck lifts on his male patients that are specifically designed to turn back the clock while preserving the masculine contour of the neck and jawline. This procedure removes loose skin, unwanted tissue and excess fat to create a sleeker, more rugged appearance. Surgery is tailored to the precise needs of each patient, so you come out of your procedure looking like a younger, more enhanced version of yourself.

What a Neck Lift will do for You

There are a variety of benefits you may gain from your neck lift procedure:

  • Eliminate jowl formation along the jawline
  • Eradicate submental fat under the chin
  • Remove loose skin from the front of the neck to eliminate the turkey wattle
  • Smooth away horizontal banding and wrinkles
  • Get rid of unwanted fat and tissue to create a more streamlined neck line

A neck lift is often performed with liposuction to further sculpt the neck profile. You will enjoy ample benefits when a neck lift is performed alone, but Dr. Yu can also combine this procedure with a facelift or other anti-aging treatments to further enhance your results.

Neck Lift Candidates

Healthy, non-smoking men that want to revive their appearance and smooth out their neck profile may be good candidates for a neck lift. It is important to take sufficient time off for your surgery to ensure your body heals fully after your procedure. Following post-operative instructions carefully will also provide you with the safest and most attractive results. Dr. Yu will assess your general health as well as your specific concerns and desired outcome to determine whether a neck lift will serve your needs best.

Procedure Details and Recovery Basics

Dr. Yu will perform your neck lift using local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the amount of correction needed and whether the lift will be combined with other procedures. Although it is done on an outpatient basis, Dr. Yu does this surgery in the operating room of a nearby hospital to ensure your comfort and safety throughout.

Incisions for a neck lift will be placed behind the ears or within the hairline whenever possible to minimize scarring after surgery. Through the incisions, Dr. Yu removes extra skin, tissue and fat to create a sleeker neck contour. Patients typically resume non-strenuous activities within about one week, although some men are not comfortable making a public appearance until closer to two weeks when the signs of the surgery are nearly gone. Results of a neck lift are evident as soon as the area heals completely and will last for many years.

If you are unhappy with your appearance due to signs of aging along your neck and jaw line, a neck lift may be the right choice for you. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Yu today by phoning Dr. Kenneth Yu Facial Plastic Surgery at (210) 876-6868.

*This content was reviewed by Dr. Kenneth Yu, a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in head and neck surgery (otolaryngology). His practice — Dr. Kenneth Yu Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery — proudly serves the San Antonio and Austin communities.