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Three Simple Ways to Enhance Your Facelift Results

The most common concern we have about our face as we age is the old and sad appearance of our face.  We are healthier and living and working longer—you want to look as good as you feel inside.  That’s why there are so many options out there to rejuvenate your face.  The most popular treatmentsRead More

Differences Between Female and Male Rhinoplasties

Men and women in San Antonio are looking into rhinoplasties, or nose jobs.  While each rhinoplasty is individualized for each patient, regardless of sex, there are some general considerations to consider when doing a rhinoplasty from the gender perspective.  I should clarify these issues I will discuss relate to cosmetic surgery.  With respect to aRead More

How can I maximize my Facelift results?

As we age, we will lose volume and elasticity of our face, which will lead to sagging of tissue.  As we live longer and extend our working years, we want to look younger too. This is driving the boom in minimally invasive treatments to rejuvenate the face because most people are nervous about undergoing the knifeRead More

Facelift Myth #1- Facelifts are only for Women

Even though both men and women experience aging signs, with similar causes found in men and women, we still tend to assume that only women are having facelifts. This is not true. Men in San Antonio are also looking into getting facelifts; although fewer men get surgery when compared to women. According to the AmericanRead More

Non surgical alternative to rhinoplasty

Your nose is a key central feature of your face and major determinant of your attractiveness.  Don’t be discouraged if you feel your nose is not as attractive as you like, as so many people have various nasal deformities—whether they be due to family genes (“I got my father’s nose.”) or from trauma.   TheRead More

Rhinoplasty for Men

Men comprise a large portion of my rhinoplasty practice. While some also want cosmetic changes, the majority of men looking for rhinoplasty want to breathe better. It’s not uncommon for men to complain of nasal obstruction. Many give a history of nasal trauma—typically from sport injuries or from fights. While these injuries certainly can resultRead More

5 tips about Lip fillers

Lip augmentation with fillers, particularly among young women, continue to be hugely popular today, even during a pandemic.  There is no doubt that celebrities’ increased comfort in revealing cosmetic procedures has influenced more people to seek cosmetic surgeries, as well as minimally invasive procedures.   When Kylie Jenner admitted to getting lip fillers, more youngRead More