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Is Brotox Right For Me?

Botox continues to be the most popular cosmetic treatment today.  People assume women are the only ones who seek cosmetic treatments, but we see more men seeking cosmetic treatments.  Someone coined the term “Brotox” to identify men (“brothers”) getting Botox treatments.  According to a survey published in late 2016 by the American Society of Aesthetic PlasticRead More

Three Ways to Improve Laser Resurfacing Results

A very popular treatment patients seek at our office is CO2 laser resurfacing, particularly during the winter months. Many people aren’t happy with their skin texture or pigment issues as we age. Older patients may have been part of the “sun worship” mentality in the 80-90’s. Now many of us have learned the drawbacks (andRead More

The Return of Chemical Peels

We’ve heard that phrase “history tends to repeat itself,” It’s always fascinating to learn that many of the “latest innovations” are actually techniques discovered and used in the past, lending further support to that other common saying “there is nothing new under the sun.” And so it goes with trends that what goes around usuallyRead More

Skin Cancer

As we head into the summer, families begin making plans for vacations and recreational activities. One of the most popular activities is enjoying the sun and warmth. These range from hanging out at the pool, playing golf, tennis, going on vacations to resorts, or heading to the beach to enjoy the beaches and water. TheRead More

What is better? Chemical Peel or Laser?

A common question I get from patients is, “What’s better—a chemical peel or laser?” The short answer is. BOTH are effective, if done properly by a board certified surgeon or doctor. Both treatments are indicated for resurfacing the skin. When we talk about strategies to treat the signs of an aging face, all the optionsRead More