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How Much Does a Browlift Cost?

In a prior blog, I discussed some important things to know regarding the browlift procedure. Many people, especially as we get older, will see their brows start to droop. A common reaction from your friends and family, “why do you look angry or tired?” This can be very annoying since you are not tired or angry. There are various treatment options to improve your brow position. Minimally invasive options include Botox, Dysport, or dermal fillers. But the definitive treatment is surgical browlift. All these entail costs, which are key factors to consider before you decide on the treatment.

Cost of Browlift Surgery

The definitive treatment to elevate your brows is surgery. There are various techniques, depending on your anatomy as well as surgeon’s preference. I don’t like to say one way is better than another. It really comes down to the surgeon you select and his expertise. I have seen excellent outcomes from different surgeons who used different techniques. The most popular technique is endoscopic, because only small incisions hidden in the hair are used. High forehead (or high hairline) may best be treated with a trichophytic incision –that is, an incision along your hairline. It’s a bigger scar, but in certain cases will achieve the best result.

For men, especially those with deep forehead wrinkles, direct incisions planned along the wrinkles can achieve nice results. The surgeon’s fee may range anywhere from $3500 to $7000. You also have to account for additional fees. A facility fee is quite variable, and can range anywhere from $500 to $1200. If you choose to have deep anesthesia (ie twilight sedation or general anesthesia), an anesthesiologist may be present and he/she typically charge per hour. This can be anywhere from $450 to $700.

In addition to financial costs, don’t forget there’s also a physical cost to. By this I mean the recovery period. You will experience some swelling and bruising. You may also feel some mild pain or discomfort, but most patients are quite comfortable. Many actually are bothered more by the scalp numbness. This is unavoidable, but will eventually resolve, and may take many months.

Alternative Options to a Browlift

The least expensive option is Botox or Dysport. But it is also achieves the least amount of brow elevation. If you just need a subtle (ie 1-3 mm lift), then Botox or Dysport injected strategically into the brow depressor muscles can achieve a nice lift. Typically, I inject 40 units of Botox (or 120 units of Dysport) into the corrugator muscles and the orbicularis oculi muscles. Results usually kick in about 3-7 days later and should last about 3 months.

There is no permanent damage, but small risks include possible eyelid drooping (which usually lasts one- two weeks), or dissatisfaction with the brow position. Price for Botox varies from practice to practice, but I would say costs range from $9 per unit (Botox ) to $15 / unit. Some metropolitan areas (ie Manhattan, San Francisco) will see higher costs). You may find that plastic surgeons charge higher than a med spa.

Sometimes, fillers may used to augment volume loss under brows, which may push up the brows slightly as well. By far, the most popular filler are Hyaluronic acid fillers (ie Juvederm line of products, Restylane line of products). The reason is these are very safe, last a long time, and have the unique advantage of being able to be dissolved in case there are any lumps. Radiesse, a calcium hydroxyapatite filler, is not permanent but lasts about a year. Unfortunately, once it’s injected, you can’t dissolve it in case there are areas you’re not happy with. Some doctors will inject Sculptra, but I’m not a fan of using this filler because many sessions are needed before you even see some effect.

I definitely don’t recommend silicone—the room for error is very small. Once you inject silicone, you can’t get it out. So if you decide to get fillers, how much will that cost you? Cost will depend on the number of syringes needed to get the result you want. For mild improvements, you may need one to more likely two syringes. Price will depend on the practice you go to, but should range between $500-$750 per syringe. Some places charge less if a nonphysician is injecting.

Contact Browlift Surgeon Dr. Yu

If you’re interested in a browlift, make sure you seek a board certified facial plastic or oculoplastic surgeon. It’s important you feel comfortable with the surgeon and that you know you’ll be taken care of.

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