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Should I Get a Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Your nose is a key central feature of your face and major determinant of your attractiveness. Don’t be discouraged if you feel your nose is not as attractive as you like, as so many people have various nasal deformities—whether they be due to family genes (“I got my father’s nose.”) or from trauma.

The multitude of variable shapes of the nose also makes us unique. However, it doesn’t mean you should just accept your nose if you’re unhappy with it. Improving your nasal appearance can help you look better, which translates to more self confidence and happiness.

In the past, a surgical rhinoplasty was really the only way to change your nose’s appearance. Now, with the advances in dermal fillers, we’re seeing more and more patients opt for nonsurgical rhinoplasty, or “liquid rhinoplasty.” This basically refers to using fillers to improve your nasal appearance.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Options

It’s also well documented that today’s trend in the cosmetic industry is nonsurgical or minimally invasive treatment options. That means more reliance on injectables and lasers, as well as other energy delivery devices. We see a lot of patients coming to our office asking for the liquid rhinoplasty. But you have to be aware that a liquid rhinoplasty is not a simple replacement for surgery.

You have to realize the nose is a complex structure. The reason why rhinoplasty is among the most challenging of surgeries is because it is a very precise surgery, with results affected by millimeters of manipulation. It is unrealistic to think fillers can achieve the same results as surgery. But, there are certain situations when a filler can definitely improve your nasal appearance.

When should you consider a liquid rhinoplasty? Basically, if your deformities can be camouflaged with filler, then you’re a good candidate. For example, the most popular situation for liquid rhinoplasty is to improve your nasal profile if you have a hump. Again, every case is unique, but—generally– fillers can help make a hump appear straighter and flatter. Another good indication is if you have a crooked nose.

Fillers, placed properly, can mask the deviation and make your nose look straighter. Very obvious tip deformities can also be improved with fillers. However, if you’re looking to make your tip look smaller and pointier, then fillers won’t work well. Also, if you want your nose to rotate up or down, or you feel your nose is sticking out too far, fillers are not a great option either.

Advantages of Liquid Rhinoplasty

The best advice if you’re considering liquid rhinoplasty is to see a board certified facial plastic surgeon, or plastic surgeon for a careful in office evaluation. The doctor will examine your nose and determine if fillers are a good option. While I’m sure you can find good injectors who are not surgeons, in my opinion, a surgeon with experience in rhinoplasties has a better understanding of the nasal anatomy and function and can achieve more reliable results.

A liquid rhinoplasty’s advantage over surgery is you can do this in a clinic visit, and have no down time. The procedure is not very painful, if the doctor numbs your skin properly. Furthermore, almost all the fillers on the market have lidocaine mixed in them so the injection gets less painful as the procedure progresses. In my opinion, the best fillers to use are hyaluronic acid fillers (i.e. Juvederm Ultra Plus, Galderma Restylane, etc).

The advantage of these fillers is the option to dissolve them. It’s crucial you don’t get injected with a permanent filler. In my view, the small possibility of permanent disfigurement is not worth it. While safe, it’s critical these injections are performed by experienced surgeon or doctor because the nose can be a dangerous place to inject. A catastrophic complication is embolization of the filler into a blood vessel; this may result in tissue death or even blindness.

However as I mentioned, these complications are exceedingly rare if performed by an experienced board certified surgeon. Another advantage of liquid rhinoplasty is the result is immediate. There will be a small degree of swelling like any injection procedure, but you can expect to see the final result in couple of weeks (vs. the months of recovery after surgery). Another good news? Your results should last one to two years.

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