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Should I get chin fillers or chin implant?

A common overlooked aspect to an attractive face is the chin.  A strong chin is desirable for masculine look in men.  In women, an attractive chin with good projection enhances one’s jawline and improves the lower facial harmony and beauty.  As in many aesthetic features of the face, it almost always comes down to genetics whether you’re blessed with a strong chin.  Both men and women can inherit a weak chin.  Some ethnicities, for example Asians, may have higher incidence of a weak chin.

How do you know if your chin is weak.  The most important measurement is where is your tip of your chin.  When you look at your profile (ie, the side view), the most anterior part of your chin (called the pogonion in medical terms) is analyzed in relation to your lower lip.  For men, the pogonion should be at or ideally be even a bit anterior (in front of ) to a vertical imaginary line drawn from your lower lip.  If your pogonion is behind this line, then you have a weak chin.  For women, the pogonion should be at or even a few mm behind this line.  Bear in mind these are simply guidances.  There can be variations to these measurements and still the person is considered beautiful.  You can easily find many pretty female models and actors with chins more anterior to “ideal” line.  For men, however, we tend to want the chin to be at the line.   Another less recognized importance of your chin position is its effect on your overall facial and nasal harmony.  It is not uncommon for a rhinoplasty candidate to have a weak chin.  In these cases, improving their chin appearance can enhance their rhinoplasty results because the entire face is more harmonious.

What are your options if you want to enhance your chin?  Basically, there are three main options. One, you can get fillers to increase your chin projection.  Two, you can opt for a chin implant.  And three, you can elect genioplasty  –a surgery where your chin is cut and then pulled forward and secured with screw and plates.  I don’t perform the third option.  Although it changes your chin position permanently, I feel it involves too much disruption and has more risks compared to the other two.

Fillers are the most easy option.  It can be done in clinic and there is no down time.  I recommend a filler with high G’ to lift tissue.  In addition, the filler should have high viscosity to maintain its shape.  In my practice, I like Juvederm Voluma from Allergan because it has high G’ as well as good viscosity.  I feel Juvederm Vollure, Ultra XC and Ultra Plus don’t have as good lifting qualities.  Vollure may be used in the chin, but probably more superficial to enhance the soft tissue.  One can also use Radiesse or Perlane to augment the chin.  Disadvantages of fillers include risks of bleeding or bruising, but also there is a limit to how much chin projection can be achieved.  If you have a really weak chin, the fillers are just not strong enough—regardless of its G’—to project the chin a great distance.

A second option is to place a chin implant.  The advantages of chin implant is you can achieve a much greater chin augmentation by choosing larger implants.  These implants also can be carved to fine tune the result.  Once successfully placed, chin implants are permanent.  You don’t have to return every year to repeat the filler injection.  Despite being permanent, chin implants also can be removed if you’re not happy with it.  The biggest disadvantage of chin implant is it is a surgical procedure and carries the usual risks of surgery.  These include bleeding, infection, scarring, asymmetry of placement, pain, as well as costs associated with price and recovery.  You should plan on taking a week off school or work.

If you’re bothered by your chin position and are considering fillers or chin implant, then make sure you see a board certified facial plastic or body plastic surgeon for in office consultation.

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