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Three Reasons to Get a Mini Facelift

As we age, loss of skin elasticity and volume will lead to sagging tissue.  While there are many non surgical options that can be used to rejuvenate the face, at some point, you may feel like surgery may be the best option.  But a facelift can be a daunting decision for many people—the idea of cutting open your face with extensive dissection can be nerve wracking.  You may ask what about a mini facelift?  There are three reasons to consider getting a mini facelift.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Mini Facelift?

Reason #1

The first–and most important–reason to consider a mini facelift is you have noticeable sagging tissue but also it’s not too severe.  A mini facelift will re-suspend your sagging facial tissue by using a limited skin excision—hence the term “mini facelift.”  There are many marketing terms in the market (i.e S lift, MACS lift, etc).  But basically, the idea is to use a smaller incision to do the procedure.  As you can imagine, a smaller incision means less exposure, and less ability to do dramatic surgery.  So the key issue is the degree of your aging.  If you have some noticeable jowling that can be pulled up slightly, then a mini facelift can be a good option.  But if your sagging is too much, then a mini facelift will achieve the correction you want. The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate is to see a board certified facial plastic surgeon.  Only in an in office exam can a surgeon determine if your degree of sagging tissue can be fixed with a mini facelift.

Reason #2

The second reason to get a mini facelift is to get a better rejuvenation result.  Dermal Fillers and Botox and energy based treatments (ie laser, Ultherapy, Thermi RF, Morpheus, etc ) all can improve your appearance.  However, for jowling, re-suspending the sagging tissue will generally achieve a better and more natural looking rejuvenated effect.  Voluma –with its adhesive qualities—can achieve a very slight pull.  But its effect is subtle and only lasts about nine months.  Definitive suspension can only be achieved by surgery.  You may have pulled your cheeks back to simulate the results you want.  Well, that effect is usually best achieved by pulling, and that pull can only be achieved with surgery.

Reason #3

The third reason to consider a mini facelift is cost savings.  You may think surgery is more expensive.  While you are correct that surgery is usually an expensive treatment, when you factor in that a good facelift should last about eight to ten years or so, and compare that to repeated fillers (which may require several syringes each session)  that must be injected one to two times a year, then a facelift becomes a better investment in the long term.  Energy based device treatments like Morpheus, FaceTite, etc are very popular nonsurgical treatments to rejuvenate your face.  But there is a distinct failure rate that you must be prepared for.  I have seen many consults who had tried these treatments, only to be very disappointed that they saw no results.  Or they saw some improvement, but that result did not last long.  Bear in mind these device treatments are not inexpensive, and can cost up to a few thousand dollars per session.  A mini facelift can be performed in the surgeon’s operating room with just local and oral sedation.   Though I usually suggest iv sedation so you can be more comfortable.  If you are a candidate for a mini facelift, this surgery can be done without the extra expenses of general anesthesia and a more expensive surgery center fee.

If these three reasons apply to you, then you are likely a great candidate for mini facelift.  Make sure you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon to consultation.  This will be your opportunity to ask questions and see if you develop trust and rapport with him or her.

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