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New challenger to Botox

Botulinum toxin A is one of the most popular injectable cosmetic treatment in the U.S. today. For years, Botox Cosmetic has been the only FDA approved botulinum toxin type A used for cosmetic indications. Today, Dysport offers patients an alternative botulinum toxin type A for treating facial hyperdynamic lines. While both are botulinum toxin typeRead More

Facelift Recovery

The decision to undergo a facelift in San Antonio is an important and exciting one. It is natural to worry about the postoperative recovery. Generally, one does not experience much pain after a facelift. There will be expected swelling and sensation of tightness, but discomfort is controlled well with standard narcotics. The swelling and bruisingRead More

– Karen M.

“Dr. Yu has done a wonderful job with my surgery on my eyes and brow. He was quick to realize the surgery would improve my vision and open up my eyes. I have had the droopy side for years. The recovery from the surgery was very quick and not much pain. The incisions scars areRead More

– Lien S., Radiologist

“I am a physician and was referred to Dr. Yu by my husband who is also a physician in the Otolaryngology department. Dr. Yu expresses kind professional bedside manner and possesses extensive knowledge in his specialty. During my first few appointments with Dr. Yu, I received Botox injections and I am very satisfied with theRead More

– Marilyn M.

“It has been my privilege and pleasure to be treated by Dr. Kenneth Yu for several years. Dr. Yu is both professional and personal to his patients providing excellent…needs of his many patients. For my fluttering eyelids and chronic headaches, I visited Dr. Yu every 4 months for medically necessary Botox injections. These injections leftRead More

– Tina H

“Dr. Yu operated on my eyes in April 2012. I am so pleased with the results! I have had many compliments since the surgery. Dr. Yu answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. My follow-up appointments were very informative and Dr. Yu has given me my confidence back! I will return to Dr.Read More

– David D.

“I am very pleased with the septorhinoplasty revision and lower lid blepharoplasty/periocular chemical resurfacing peel I received from Dr. Yu. The first nasal surgery performed by Dr. Eller/Straub significantly improved my breathing. A slight revision had to be performed by Dr. Yu that improved my breathing even more-most especially with CPAP equipment. Dr. Yu andRead More

– Lynette L.

“Dr. Yu did a wonderful job on my nose. I am now able to breathe better and am enjoying the outdoors more. I highly recommend him to anyone!”

– Christa W

“I was very pleased with the treatment I have received from Dr. Yu in the past and present. I’m looking forward to have Dr. Yu take care of my treatment, as needed in the future.”

– Rebecca R

“Dr. Kenneth Yu is brilliant, professional, and extremely kind. He truly cares about his patients and this is evident in his flawless cosmetic work. I live bi-coastal, but whenever I am in Texas I only see Dr. Yu for my cosmetic skin care.”