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5 tips about Lip fillers

Lip augmentation with fillers, particularly among young women, continue to be hugely popular today, even during a pandemic.  There is no doubt that celebrities’ increased comfort in revealing cosmetic procedures has influenced more people to seek cosmetic surgeries, as well as minimally invasive procedures.   When Kylie Jenner admitted to getting lip fillers, more young women have sought lip fillers as well.  This is just another well-known example of the influence celebrities have on young teens—influence which is magnified by the impact of social media.

There is no ideal standard for the perfect lip.  Everyone has a different opinion on what makes a beautiful lip.  Some like a more projecting upper lip, while many like a fuller lower lip.   Regardless of individual preferences, most patients want fuller lips that still look natural.  Though most people feel Ms. Jenner’s lips are a bit extreme (I hear comments she looks “fake”), she can pull it off because she’s a young celebrity.  This may be why young women are willing to duplicate the look.  Even if you have decided to get lip fillers and want a similar look, there are five things to know before you get your lips injected.

First, make sure you see a board certified, licensed and trained aesthetic surgeon in order to obtain the most natural looking results.  They know the anatomy of the face as well as what constitutes natural relationships.   With this knowledge and an artistic sense, they can achieve fuller lips while preserving natural Cupid’s bow.

Second, you can bring a photo or picture to your doctor to show them what type of lips you want.  While the doctor can never guarantee the same result, the photo will help direct the conversation and exam.  Your doctor can honestly tell you what can or can’t be done.  One thing to bear in mind is a doctor can always inject more syringe than you need, but realize the results will likely be extreme and unnatural.  Even though hyaluronidase (ie Vitrase) can be used to dissolve these fillers, it’s not possible to dissolve the entire amount of filler injected.  Vitrase is intended only for minor touch ups by dissolving small lumps or irregularities.

Third, you should understand the results will be immediate, but it may not be wise to go to a big event that day or evening.  You may see bruising, tenderness or swelling for a few days.

Fourth, lip FILLERS are not permanent.  They usually last around six to eight months.  I find hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane don’t last as long around the mouth when compared to when used in tear troughs.  I believe it’s due to the increased motion around one’s mouth.  Permalip is not a  filler but an implant that can permanently enhance your lips, but this requires a minor surgery to perform.

Finally, in order to minimize any bruising, you should not take any aspirin or ibuprofen about one week before your appointment.  These medications increase the risk of bruising.

There are many types of fillers on the market.  The most popular ones you hear are Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, etc.  What’s important is not the brand, but the type of filler.  Juvederm and Restylane are hyaluronic acid fillers and more appropriate for lip enhancement.  Radiesse is calcium hydroxyapatite filler that is great for certain areas of the face, but I don’t recommend it for the lips.  Once it’s injected, you can’t get rid of it and just have to wait for it to go away.  Sculptra is a filler based on the same materials used in dissolvable sutures.  Its most popular indication is filling facial defects due to fat loss from HIV infection, but some doctors will use it for healthy patients too.  They argue Sculptra offers permanent improvement, but this comes at the expense of multiple sessions to build up the new tissue.  I’m also not a fan of injecting Sculptra for the lips.  Finally, some doctors will inject silicone.  This is very risky, and only should be performed by a surgeon with extensive experience.    I know only a handful of surgeons in the world that will still use silicone—they are all very senior experts.

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