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Best Age for Plastic Surgery

In past decades, it has been assumed only old people get plastic surgery. The main reason is to look younger, and probably most were well to do patients with the income needed to pay for these procedures. But we’ve seen the popularity and acceptance of all things cosmetic rise dramatically in the past few years. A big contributor is the influence of celebrities and a more openness to reveal their treatments. Another major reason is the impact of social media, particularly from younger celebrities. And by celebrities, I don’t just refer to movie stars. Musicians, singers, artists, etc all are prevalent on social media, and use social media to market themselves.

A fairly new phenomenon is the popularity (and influence) of so called reality TV stars. Many of these celebrities aren’t what one would consider real stars, or have real talent, but they have succeeded in establishing their popularity and presence on the media. Many of these reality stars are open about cosmetic procedures. With this increased visibility and acceptance of cosmetic procedures, you may ask what is the best age for plastic surgery.

Despite the increased popularity and acceptance of cosmetic treatments in the public, there is still—generally—hesitation to undergo actual surgery. That is why the most dramatic increase has been in nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. By this I mean the injectables—Botox, Dysport, and fillers. In addition, facial resurfacing (i.e. laser and chemical peels) and various minimally invasive tightening procedures (i.e. Thermi, Cool Sculpt, etc) are very popular. But there are certain conditions that still are best treated with surgery. Some nasal changes can only be addressed with a rhinoplasty. Certain aging changes are also best treated with surgery.

Best Age

So what is the best age if you’re considering plastic surgery? It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Also, your particular situation is an important factor. For example, major life changes like changing careers, recent divorce, actively dating, etc are significant issues to consider. If your concern is your nose, then the best age is anytime you’ve finished growing. For girls, this is generally around 14-16, and for boys around 15-17. If you’re an adult, the best age really depends on when you personally feel ready to undergo this surgery, as well as the recovery that’s needed.

This can be affected by your work situation, financial means, etc. Also, you should know that liquid rhinoplasty (using fillers to change your nose’s appearance) is only effective for certain specific nasal deformities. If you’re unhappy about your under eye bags (and they’re too large to hide with fillers) , there is no best age, and you can undergo a lower blepharoplasty procedure anytime. If you’re concerned about jowling, I think the best age is around the late 40’s at the earliest.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Early signs of aging in this area may be improved with fillers, or even minimally invasive tightening techniques. As the aging progresses, then surgery is the best option. Typically, this occurs around the 6th decade of life. Obviously, every patient is different. Some may benefit from just a mini facelift, while others need a formal facelift to achieve a great result.

We’re also seeing patients coming for an otoplasty procedure (ear pinning). If you’re an adult, then any age is fine for surgery. If your son or daughter has lop ears (or “Dumbo ears”) and are being teased, or they’re self-conscious, I recommend surgery be performed around age 5-6. You don’t want to do this too early before the ear has matured, but also don’t want to wait too long—which exposes your child to teasing longer than desired.

Everyone is different, with different anatomy and different situations. The best thing to do if you’re considering plastic surgery is to see a board certified facial plastic surgeon to discuss your options. You may find there are some nonsurgical options available that you find more acceptable than surgery.

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