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Should I get Asian blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty?

Recently, China’s highest ranking diplomat , Wang Yi, told South Korean and Japanese guests that they “will never become Westerners.”  He said, “It doesn’t matter how much you dye your hair blonde, how sharp you make your nose, you’ll never become Europeans or Americans.  You’ll never become Westerners.”  Now, he was saying those comments in the foreign relations perspective, urging Asian countries to work with China and resist participating in a “cold war” mentality with the United States.  That debate is complex, emotional, and not the subject of this blog.  However, his comments did prompt me to ask why you should or should not consider an Asian rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty.  My wife showed me a popular Vietnamese DJ who admitted to many plastic surgery to change her face.  She is pretty, but it’s also very obvious she does not look natural.  Her nose is super sharp, and her facial structures look different than Asian.  She has gotten exaggerated breast implants, and dyes her hair different colors.  My first reaction was she looked like an Asian Barbie doll.  While it’s very common for many Asians to want to change their features to look more Western—due to what I believe is the influence of Western culture and entertainment, I found this DJ’s desire to have a white male’s sperm impregnate her more shocking.  Even though she is married to another Vietnamese, she wants her baby to look more Western.  It was this desire that interconnected with Wang Yi’s comments.

There are good indications to get Asian Blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty.  These include improving your self-confidence, look more attractive, and enhance your competitiveness in the job market or dating chances.  But I think it’s crucial that your desires for your eyes and nose are in line with maintaining your ethnicity.  Asians have distinct ethnic appearances and features to their eyes and nose.  The most common eye feature is lack of a defined eyelid crease.  In other words, many Asians don’t have a double eyelid.  But you can also find many Asians with natural double eyelids.  Many Asians have a low dorsum and bridge, and their nasal tips tend to be big and wide.  Similarly, you can also find many Asians with a high nasal dorsum and a more refined tip.  There are variations in the Asian facial features because there are many different Asian ethnicities.  There are differences between Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese etc.  But there are some features that are known to be attractive across all races, including Westerners and Africans.  Having a defined eyelid crease, or double eyelid, is attractive for anyone because it makes your eyes look bigger.  All races value a strong nasal dorsum and a refined nasal tip.  At the same time, this doesn’t mean not having these features make one unattractive.  You can find many beautiful people, even models, who lack defined eyelid crease or make have a slightly bigger nose.  

These reasons are why Asian blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty remain the most popular requested surgeries in Asia.  Asian blepharoplasty involves creating a new eyelid crease that is defined, but also should maintain your ethnicity.  This requires understanding the natural ideal aesthetics of a eyelid crease in an Asian.  In the past, many Asians wanted a crease that matched a westerner’s.  This resulted in obvious lid crease but also one that didn’t look natural.  Having an abnormally high crease in an Asian doesn’t match the rest of the person’s face.  Similarly, having a very strong high dorsum like a Caucasian and a super pinched nose looks unnatural on an Asian face.  That’s why a good Asian rhinoplasty should enhance your nose to look like a beautiful Asian nose with stronger profile and more refined tip, but not so dramatically you lose your Asian identity.

If you are bothered by your low nasal dorsum and lack of defined eyelid crease and want to enhance these features yet maintain your Asian ethnicity, then getting an Asian blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty is a good valid reason.   But if you request changes to make you look more like a Westerner, that reason must be carefully discussed with your surgeon because the changes will be practically impossible to reverse or change to more Asian later.  You need to have an honest self-assessment of why you want to look like another ethnic group. 

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