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Botox and Fillers for Chinese People

I’ve written about ethnic cosmetic treatments (such as rhinoplasty) in past. I thought I would focus a bit more on injectable treatments like Botox and dermal fillers for a specific group—the Chinese. China has the world’s largest population, and few people realize that its people are made up of over fifty ethnic groups. By far, the most common group is the Han, making up about 92% of the population. As China raises its population to the middle class and above, more of them are interested in rejuvenating procedures just like the rest of the world.

Like others, Chinese people also are eager to undergo minimally invasive procedures. The most popular procedures like Botox injections, fillers to reshape and rejuvenate the face, as well as energy based treatments (like laser) are all very popular. Many Chinese people in the States, however, are unsure where to go for these treatments. Understandably, the language barrier is a major factor in their confusion. Many may feel more comfortable going to someone who looks and talks like them.

Plastic Surgery Center for Mandarin Chinese in San Antonio

There are not that many practices or spas in San Antonio or Austin that speak Mandarin Chinese. Many Chinese then feel they must travel far in order to get these treatments. The closest city would be Houston—which the latest data suggests has overtaken New York City as the most culturally diverse city in the United States. Many actually fly all the way to Los Angeles! That is one expensive Botox and filler treatment! I can see the reasoning if one is looking for a particular well known surgeon for complex surgery, but you can also get outstanding Botox and filler treatments here in San Antonio. Fortunately, I, Dr. Kenneth Yu can speak Mandarin Chinese and hopefully educate prospective Chinese patients.

Botox is a super safe treatment for any ethnic group. The same aging complaints that Westerners express with facial wrinkles are seen in Chinese. Botox is just as effective in Chinese for relaxing facial wrinkles. In addition, Chinese people may have a more prominent jaw muscle (masseters), and Botox is a great safe treatment to narrow your face and give you a more attractive oval shape.

Botox & Fillers for Chinese

Chinese people may require more units compared to Westerners (anywhere from 15-50 units per side). Onset is similar-usually seen around three to four days, and should last about the same too—three to four months. Fillers can also be very effective treatments for Chinese. Some Chinese have a low nasal dorsum. Injecting a filler like Voluma can improve your nasal appearance, and bring more strength to your profile. Liquid rhinoplasty (the term used when we use fillers to improve your nose) is a procedure done in clinic on same day.

Your results should last around two years. In addition to liquid rhinoplasty, fillers are also used to reshape the face. You may have a more hollow temple, and fillers here can create a more oval attractive shape. Cheek enhancements with Voluma are another good treatment for Chinese. Aging signs such as sagging cheeks, deepening nasolabial folds and Marionette lines can all be improved with injecting fillers.

One disadvantage of Chinese skin is the higher risk of developing post treatment hyperpigmentation after resurfacing treatments. Many Chinese may look younger than their stated age due to differences in their skin anatomy, but resurfacing treatments carry a slightly higher risk of complications, when compared to fair skinned patients. Fortunately, there are things we can do to minimize these risks.

Pretreating the skin with Retin-A, hydroquinone, steroid, and Vitamin C formulations can decrease post treatment complications. In addition, using an Erbium YAG laser is also safer compared to a CO2 laser. Also, the recovery is quicker after Erbium laser treatments. Intense Light Pulse (IPL) therapy is a great lunchtime treatment to refresh the skin, but must be done more cautiously in Chinese. Thus, lower settings should be used and close follow up maintained.

Despite some unique differences between Chinese skin and Western skin, Chinese people are also great candidates for all the popular rejuvenating treatments that are popular today. Like any cosmetic treatments, honest discussion of what can and can’t be achieved, as well as potential complications, must occur with the patient. Seeing someone who speaks Mandarin Chinese is a helpful suggestion to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

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For more information about Botox and fillers for the Chinese, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Yu Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Kenneth Yu is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and can address all your plastic surgery questions and concerns.