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Combination Procedures are a Hot Trend

The most popular trend today in facial cosmetics is combination therapies, using multiple nonsurgical procedures in the clinic. Patients are constantly multi tasking and interested in anything that can maintain their appearance to slow down the hands of time. Today, people want to look good for their age for as long as possible, and clinicians now have the tools that can achieve visible lasting results.

Neurotoxins such as Botox or Dysport relax muscles to soften wrinkles, but now patients can also benefit from fillers to return or increase volume. Sometimes, combining relaxing wrinkles and filling in lost volume areas can achieve much more dramatic results than either procedure alone. These combination therapies are easily done in the clinic and carry minimal downtime. The main risk is bruising and swelling. Fortunately, most of these are minimal and can easily be covered with make up. Fillers can also be performed in combination with skin resurfacing procedures such as lasers. Ultrasound and other energy-based treatments such as radiofrequency can help lift sagging skin to a degree if the patient is still reluctant to undergo surgery. It’s important the clinician perform a good exam and be able to offer an honest opinion on what can be achieved, or the degree of improvement one can expect. Another attraction of these combination in- office procedures is the quicker recovery. The various options available means patients today can have several individualized treatment options to select from as he or she considers what they want to achieve.

In addition to this increased popularity of combination therapies, we are also seeing more patients under 30 seek cosmetic treatments. In the past, while many of these younger patients were primarily seeking to change some feature about their face, now we’re seeing younger patients who are satisfied with their appearance but just want maintenance intervention to keep their youthful look longer. This strategy begins with good skin care, and explains the exploding cosmetic skin care industry. The consumer is bombarded with innumerous skin care product lines sold in department stores. The choices can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive over time. Many have discovered that these department store products may not be strong enough to achieve their goals, and understand that going to an aesthetic clinician is the next natural step. Qualified cosmetic providers are trained and certified to offer medical grade treatments. For example, the most effective skin care products are medical grade and can only be purchased from an authorized or board certified doctor. Another popular strategy is relaxing facial muscles with Botox in order to delay the development of deeper facial wrinkles. By getting Botox, fillers, and using medical grade skin care products, younger patients can delay the need for bigger procedures and surgery. In a recent survey, more than half (56%) of facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in cosmetic injectables with patients under the age of 30. We’re seeing a shift in focus from correction to prevention. Though all of us have an innate desire to stay healthy, there is no doubt a big influence in this trend is celebrities and social media. Consumers are constantly exposed to images of ageless beautiful stars, and now want access to that “fountain of youth.”

What’s Next?

New hyaluronic acid fillers (the same compound in Juvederm and Restylane) are now available in the United States. Allergan’s recently approved hyaluronic acid filler Volbella is another option for lip augmentation. Galderma now has introduced Restylane Refyne and Defyne for marionette lines and deep-set wrinkles. Researchers continue to find novel indications for botulinum toxin and this year is no different. Already, patients are aware of Botox and Dysport’s benefit in reducing migraines. Other indications such as reducing sweaty armpits and hands are sure to gain more popularity. Men are also getting in the action and seem to be particularly interested in Botox and submental fat reduction treatments. In the FDA trial that approved Kybella, researchers discovered an unexpected higher number of men showing interest in chin fat reduction as compared to other filler treatments.

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