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How to select the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in San Antonio

Despite masks covering our nose, we still value an attractive nose that matches and balances our face.  The nose sits prominently on the face and is a major factor in one’s facial harmony and balance.  And if you are unhappy with your nose, the decision to have a rhinoplasty (or nose job) is a major decision you will have to make.  In addition to appearance, the nose serves an important role in airway health, by humidifying and warming the air.  Any nasal deformity can adversely affect one’s nasal appearance as well as function, which can sometimes lead to significant impact on one’s quality of life.  Some patients become self-conscious about their nasal appearance and desire improvement.  For many of these patients, a rhinoplasty offers the best solution.  However, since the surgery is complex technically and the results are readily visible on one’s face, it’s normal for all patients to be nervous about undergoing this surgery.  Choosing the best surgeon to perform a rhinoplasty is a major decision.  So how do you choose the best surgeon in Texas?

In any large metropolitan city like San Antonio, there are many surgeons who advertise they do rhinoplasties.  Choosing the best surgeon for you can be daunting. This is not like finding the best plumber or electrician, where you can ask any friend or neighbor for opinion.  Odds are, many of your friends may not have had this surgery, so how can they offer a dependable recommendation?  Sometimes, a friend or colleague may have heard of a good surgeon and this is a good start.  However, absent a personal recommendation, one will likely have to search online.  At this time, you’ll realize there are many choices, and you will have to narrow the choices down to a few before you choose your surgeon. 

Once you’ve narrowed your list, then there are several important criteria you should follow.  One very important factor is if the surgeon is board certified in facial plastic or plastic surgery.  Board certification tells you the surgeon has passed rigorous training and testing to be deemed competent by their board.  One specialty is not necessarily better qualified than the other.  Keep in mind a facial plastic surgeon’s expertise is focused on the head and neck only, whereas a plastic surgeon’s expertise covers the body as well.  It’s more important to make sure the surgeon is experienced in doing rhinoplasties, has done a fair number of these, and continues to perform these surgeries.  Be cautious about someone who claims he or she has done “thousands” of these.  Some of the world’s experts may approach 200 a year.  So for someone to do thousands, they would have to be operating for greater than 10 years. 

Another important thing is to ask to see the surgeon’s results—their before and after portfolio.  This will give you a good sense of the surgeon’s work.  Ideally, you should see patient examples with noses similar to your appearance.   In addition, if you have any functional complaints, ask the surgeon how they will address that issue.  If you have no trouble breathing, ask the surgeon during the consultation if there are any risks to developing new nasal obstruction.  A good surgeon will tell you he/she will make sure the functional patency of the airway will be maintained.  Someone who nonchalantly dismisses this aspect may not have the proper appreciation of the importance of nasal function.

Pricing is obviously an important factor, but should not be your most important factor.  The average surgeon’s fee in San Antonio is probably around $5000.  Facility and anesthesia fees are additional costs to be added.  Remember, rhinoplasties are among the most complex and challenging cosmetic surgeries and the price should reflect this.  Unusually cheap price should be viewed with caution. 

But I believe the most important factor in selecting a surgeon to do your rhinoplasty is if you trust him or her.  This can only be determined from your consultation.  A good surgeon will listen to your concerns, do a thorough exam of your nose and face and discuss the findings with you.  Furthermore, a good surgeon should counsel you on what changes will look good on your face, as well as be honest with what can or can’t be achieved with surgery.  It’s also very important you feel the surgeon is working with you to come up with the best solution, and not just dictate what the plan is.  A good surgeon will not pressure you to make a decision.  Furthermore, you should not feel pressured by his staff.  Other factors to consider are how friendly and warm the surgeon and his staffs are.  A rhinoplasty is a major surgery and decision not to be made lightly. It’s a good idea to see more than one surgeon for a consultation;  don’t hesitate to return to a surgeon for further discussion if you’re still not sure.  A good surgeon should understand it’s normal to have more questions after the first visit and should welcome you for additional consultations.

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