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Lip Lifts- The New Hot Trend

What Is A Lip Lift?

Recently, I posted a blog on how a simple overlooked procedure can complement a facelift. When surgical procedures are considered in aesthetic surgery, people tend to think these are best reserved for older patients who need a facelift. Injectables such as fillers and botox, as well as energy based devices, are probably by far the most popular cosmetic treatments sought by the younger patient. In our younger patient population, lip enhancement seems to be the most popular. Obviously, the number one procedure requested is lip injections with fillers. But we’re starting to notice a slow uptick in interest in the lip lift. As a recent national article noted, more people are now turning to the lip lift to enhance their lip appearance.

People are beginning to get tired of repeat filler injections. While the Permalip implant offers a “permanent” lip enhancement, the implant only comes in 3 sizes. And the largest may not give you the volume you want. Hence, I still think fillers are an easy and effective way to enhance your volume. A lip lift won’t necessarily add volume per se. But by lifting up your white lip, it rolls up more of your red lip to give a more attractive balance and red show. Many patients now like this look.

Lips come in all sizes and appearance. But some common concepts exist for lips to be attractive. We like our female lips to be voluptuous (in the younger patient), and full in the more mature patient. The upper white lip (the part between your nose and the top part of your red lip) should be about 1/3 of the distance between your nasal base and chin base. As we get older, this white lip starts to elongate and makes you look older. But there are also young patients with longer white lips they were born with. There are no injectable treatments or lasers, etc that can shorten the white upper lip. The only way is an upper lip lift.

The Lip Lift Procedure

This is a very simple procedure that can be done in the clinic. The most popular technique is the “bullhorn” technique, named after the resemblance of the planned excision to a bull’s horn. It’s very important your surgeon plans the incision precisely so that the scar is hidden in the natural curves under your nose. It’s critical your plastic surgeon does not remove excessive skin. If too much skin is taken, then you can’t completely close your mouth at rest, and there will be a constant opening where everyone can see your upper teeth. It’s extremely difficult to correct an over resected upper lip. So it’s better to be more conservative. One can always remove more skin to fine tune your results.

The procedure can easily be done in the clinic under local anesthesia. The worst part is the injection of the anesthesia. But once that takes effect, you won’t feel any pain. You will feel your surgeon dissecting the tissue, and you will smell cauterization of bleeding vessels. The wound will be closed in layers and your surgeon will tell you when to return for suture removal. The scar heals extremely well if you take care of your wound carefully.

Achieving a full and beautiful lip is one of the most popular desires in today’s women—young and old. Don’t think your only option is fillers. An upper lip lift is a great option to consider that can achieve your goals, and is permanent. In addition, for some people, a lip lift plus fillers can achieve amazing results over just fillers.

Lip Lift with a Facial Plastic Surgeon

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